Carimali Blue Dot Fully Automatic Commercial Coffee System

$7,100.00 CAD


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Carimali Blue Dot Fully Automatic Commercial Coffee System

$7,100.00 CAD

  • Product Description

      New bean-to-cup machine, created an average daily usage of 75 cups. Perfect for Office Coffee Service, Horeca, Meeting Rooms, Studios, and lounges!

      The Carimali Blue Dot is a complete bean-to-cup coffee solution that is both customizable enough to satisfy the pickiest coffee drinker in your environment, and rugged enough to serve up commercial quality and quantity coffee all day with minimal maintenance, all at a reasonable price. This professional grade machine can handle up to 100 servings a day easily, and it makes the complex task of serving several different kinds of coffee look easy.

      The great flexibility and the many configurations are just some of its strengths: depending on options, you can even fit two brewers (Espresso and Fresh Brew) despite its compact size! The machine height is lower than 60 cm, so it can be fitted in any standard kitchen cupboard.

      Bluedot can be connected to the water supply in 3 configurations: internal water tank, direct water connection or both (Jolly solution). It is defined by a modular concept and snap-in design:all the components are subject to periodic cleaning cycles (coffee group included) and simply removable without any tool. This modular concept means that upgrades and maintenance are much easier when compared to other commercial machines.

      Production Rates:

      • Recommended Daily Cups: 50-100
      • Espresso: 60 cups/hour
      • Cappuccino: 40 cups/hour
      • Hot water: 10 litres/hour

      Available in 2 colors (Black and White) combined with 5 brewer versions (Espresso, Fresh Brew, Espresso and Fresh Brew combined, Tea, Tea and Fresh Brew), 3 different plumbing options, and Milk and Non-Milk versions.

      Due to how configurable and modular this product is we request that any interested parties please CONTACT US for the most accurate pricing and configuration possible.

      Pricing With Fresh Milk Options

      2 Beans + 2 Solubles + Fresh Milk, Black, CARIbrew 10g, Water Jolly

      Cod: MS206-E1M00166

      $ 7.100,00

      2 Beans + Fresh Milk

      $ 6.400,00

      1 Bean + 2 Solubles + Fresh Milk

      $ 6.400,00

      1 Bean + 3 Solubles + Fresh Milk

      $ 6.750,00

      2 Beans + 2 Solubles + Fresh Milk

      $ 7.000,00

      Pricing Without Fresh Milk Options

      2 Beans + 2 Solubles, Black, CARIbrew 10g,Water Jolly

      Cod: MS206-E0M00120

      $ 5.900,00

      1 Bean + 3 Solubles, Black, CARIbrew 10g,Water Jolly

      Cod: MS206-E0M00119

      $ 5.700,00

      1 Bean + 2 Solubles

      $ 5.400,00

      1 Bean + 3 Solubles

      $ 5.600,00

      2 Beans + 2 Solubles

      $ 5.750,00

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