FAEMA Barcode CS MilkPS13 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

$12,800.00 CAD $13,449.00 CAD


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FAEMA Barcode CS MilkPS13 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

$12,800.00 CAD

  • Product Description

      A complete all in one super automatic solution for high end consumers and professional environments. Convenience and Quality from FAEMA.

      The FAEMA Barcode Chocolate & Specialties Milk PS13 is an impressive machine that can do it all. Serving up specialty chocolate drinks, soluble powders, and unprecedented Fresh Milk systems provide a completely professional experience, end to end. Bring the Barista home with you, and enjoy quick-brewed and precise cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, black coffee, and hot chocolate.

      Major Features

      • Small foot-print, superautomatic espresso, cappuccino and gourmet drinks machine
      • Soluble, coffee and milk beverages and hot water are delivered by the same spout for a very rich and diversified menu
      • Equipped with the patented Smart Boiler technology, which significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity (approx. +30%).
      • HiQB coffee group characterised by a variable chamber to ensure optimal extraction of any kind of beverage.
      • Cappuccinomatic for one-step cappuccino and latté
      • Adjustable delivery spout (from 80 to 180 mm).

      You can't talk about the Barcode without mentioning the exclusive Milk Precision System (MilkPS) which can:

      • Obtain a consistent in-the cup milk dose
      • Customize milk temperature for each selection (patent pending)
      • Prepare stratified/layered beverages
      • Best of breed automated Milk System flushing and cleaning system. Cleans on automated schedule, with maintenance cleaning after every Milk drink!
      • Flexible Milk Input system lets you place the fridge under the counter, on the side, or anywhere else in range of the spout

      Production Rates:

      • Recommended daily output (cups): 100
      • Coffee output (2x30cc cups/hr): 200
      • Cappuccino output (2x150cc cups/hr): 140
      • Hot water output (litres/hr - 250cc): 18

      Technical Specs:

      • Programmable Drinks: 8
      • Hot water levels: 2
      • Cappuccinomatic with MilkPS: Yes
      • Adjustable delivery spout (80-180mm): Yes
      • Boilers: 1+1 (Coffee + Milk)
      • Boilers capacity: 0.9+1.1 litre
      • Coffee grinder-dosers: 2
      • Coffee hoppers: 2
      • Coffee hoppers capacity: 21 oz each
      • Soluble tanks: 2
      • Soluble tank capacity: 32 oz each
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