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$1,895.00 CAD

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      The new Saeco Royal is the rejuvenation of a trusted classic. What remains unchanged is the extremely solid performance and the generous tanks for beans, water and coffee grounds.

      Note: This machine is the latest version of the Classic Saeco Royal Professional / Saeco Royal OTC (One Touch Cappuccino), a powerful upgrade on the original model.

      Solid performance, cup after cup

      • Rugged, long-lasting machine can be used for home or office use
      • Can add large capacity containers
      • Brews 7 coffee varieties
      • Automatic Milk Frother
      • 5 step adjustable grinder

      The fully removable brewing group can be cleaned in no time

      Efficiency and ease of use were key inspirations when Saeco invented the first brewing group 30 years ago. And to this day, it still proves to be an inspired, resolute piece of technology. As always, it’s so simple to clean – just remove it and wash it under the tap for a few seconds, then re-insert it just as easily.

      The strength selection remembers just how strong you like it

      Once you’ve chosen your ideal strength from the 5 different settings, you can easily save it with the Memo Function, as well your desired length and temperature. Then every cup in the future will be customised exactly to your taste. You’ll never have to remind it again, unlike the local barista.

      Velvety froth at one touch with the Automatic Milk Frother

      The Automatic Milk Frother will deliver your coffee’s crowning glory at the touch of a button. Within seconds it will be topped with a silky, milk layer of the finest consistency - the ultimate lure for all cappuccino lovers.

      Drink Types

      • Espresso
      • Cappuccino
      • Hot water (for tea and others)
      • Cafè Créme
      • Frothed milk (alone or mixed in drink)
      • Espresso Macchiato
      • Latte Macchiato

      Special Features

      • Ceramic Grinder
      • Pre-brewer
      • Automatic Milk Frother
      • Adjustable Spout (up to 4 inches)
      • Cup warmer
      • Supports Ground Coffee powder

      Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

      • Automatic de-scaling cycle
      • Steam cleaning
      • Removable brew group
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